Tiny House Family is a family brand created by a father and two sons. Two generations and three characters with one vision and one goal: freedom, independence and comfort. We build mobile homes to travel the world. We prove that travelling in a tiny house can be comfortable and help make dreams come true. Every tiny house on wheels built by our company is a compact version of a standard flat with a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

It might seem that our job is solely to build mobile houses, but actually, we bring people together. We demonstrate that staying in a small space can be associated with pleasure – with a family bonding time, challenges and real-life adventures. We make sure that customers can enjoy living standards unavailable in ordinary caravans.

We tame distant journeys but equally encourage short trips, exploring the world and enjoying it as much as possible. We create mobile homes equipped with everything you need to travel comfortably in all conditions – whether in the hot south of Italy or the Austrian mountains during a harsh winter. For the luxury mobile homes of Tiny House Family, no destination poses a challenge.

During the design and construction of the mobile homes on wheels, we imagine where our tiny houses manage to go and what magical moments they witness. Knowing that each tiny house makes such a difference in someone's life is a significant driving force for us and gives our work a deeper meaning.