Below we have included answers to the most frequently asked questions. Check out the legal and technical specifics and learn more about living in a tiny house.

No. You can park your tiny house on any plot of land without formalities. According to the law, a mobile home is a caravan as it is not attached to the ground, so it is not subject to construction regulations.

The driver travelling with the mobile home should have a category B+E driving licence (passenger car and trailer).

You can park the tiny house in any car park where space allows you to safely place it, and on any plot of land - including the land where you cannot build anything.

You can drive a mobile home on all public roads in Poland and abroad. A tiny house is a type of caravan for temporary use. You can use your mobile home as a year-round or holiday home, but you cannot set it as your legal place of residence. If you set up a mobile home on a specific plot of land, you must report this to the relevant authority as a temporary structure or individual recreational building.

Yes, Tiny House Family mobile homes are insulated and heated, so you can use them in autumn and winter.

Yes, they are. Customers can choose the colour scheme and standard of their mobile home. We leave our customers plenty of room for manoeuvre in terms of their desired solutions. We understand that a mobile home should be tailored to leisure activities and preferred aesthetics.

Mobile home pricing is determined individually depending on the version chosen by the client. Prices range from EUR 30,000 (shell construction) to EUR 84,000 and more (finished and self-sufficient version).

Each construction features a sleeping capacity of 4-6 people. The maximum number of mobile home occupants always corresponds to the number of beds provided.

Of course. You can specify your expectations and needs at the planning stage. However, certain assumptions about the construction and equipment remain unchanged.

The mobile home is suitable for comfortable leisure activities. Every mobile home has sleeping places, a well-equipped kitchen and a complete bathroom. You can find lists of equipment in the descriptions of the mobile homes.

A mobile home offers many advantages, the most important of which are: mobility, elegance, functionality, high-quality construction, versatility and durability. A tiny house is warm, cosy, fully equipped and always built to "fit the customer".

Mobile homes are ideal for people wishing to travel more comfortably than with a caravan or in an RV. They are suitable for anyone looking for freedom and independence and professionals working remotely. The idea of a tiny house also fits perfectly with the minimalist lifestyle and could be used for investment purposes.

Yes - a tiny house is a bigger and much better version of a caravan ideal for the whole family. A mobile home allows you to travel comfortably with more things and in conditions as close to home as possible.

The mobile home is constructed in an average of 1-2 months.

No, the mini-home on wheels is a ready-made product composed of sturdy construction materials and requires no additional maintenance. However, it is a good idea to inspect the installation from time to time.

Yes, we are one of the first manufacturers able to offer homologation for all our products.

A self-sufficient mobile home features a toilet (chemical or combustion), water tanks (white, grey and rainwater) and installations: solar, energy conversion and gas. The solutions used in self-sufficient houses facilitate their use in places with no access to mains water and electricity, which means that, in practice, you can park your mobile home in a remote location far from civilisation.